The Batson Hospital MiracleHome Project was co-created in 2003 by Friends of Children’s Hospital and the Home Builder’s Association of Jackson.  The MiracleHome Project is Presented annually by Trustmark National Bank and a panel of Sponsors.  This successful campaign has raised significant dollars for many projects at Batson Children’s Hospital.  The next MiracleHome Project is expected to begin construction in the winter of 2012 with a giveaway celebration scheduled for the summer of 2013.

Once construction on the MiracleHome is finished, it is open for viewing so our hospital supporters can take a peek and start dreaming about winning a new home. Tickets are limited and available for purchase at $100 each. Tickets are available to the general public and information is distributed during a multi-media campaign including radio, television and newspaper ads, Facebook, informational mailings and open houses. There is no limit to how many tickets an individual may purchase.  All contributors, sponsors, employees of UMC and anyone out of state are eligible to purchase tickets.

The project concludes with the MiracleHome Giveaway broadcast, a celebration with Batson patients and staff, project volunteers and sponsors gathering to announce the winner of the MiracleHome.  Former Batson Children’s Hospital patients take turns drawing names for the secondary prizes and finally for the MiracleHome.