Why volunteer?

Some people volunteer because they love helping others. Others do it because they feel a need to give back to their community. Often, it’s because they are expressing gratitude by paying it forward. And for many young people, it’s a great opportunity to learn about career options while having fun. No matter your reason, Friends of Children’s Hospital needs you. We guarantee you’ll find the joy of giving when you know your time makes a difference for our patients and their families.

Volunteers are critical to how Friends is able to do what we do for the Children’s Hospital. With nearly 40 volunteer board members who are actively planning and coordinating fundraisers, they are the heart of our organization. But they can’t do it alone.

Ways our volunteers help:

-Serve on an event committee

-Host a fundraiser

-Set up and host the Friends tent at local events

-Assist with registration at events

-Collect donations during events

-Sell raffle tickets

-Man a water station at a 5K or stuff goodie bags for the runners

Please call 601.936.0034 or email Friends@FOCH.org for more information on volunteering or fill out the form below. We hope you will make time to help Children’s Hospital and see the wonderful things happening here.

  • Volunteer Application

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Employment/Education

  • Experience & Interests


Volunteering at Batson Children’s Hospital

Friends of Children’s Hospital encourages you to consider volunteering at Children’s Hospital. If you’re interested in making a more long-term commitment to helping the kids, we know your involvement will change lives—yours and the patients.

Volunteer opportunities

Patient interaction: Playing with children in activity rooms or visiting patient rooms

Reader-to-patient program: Reading to patients in the outpatient clinics, in their rooms or in the Children’s Cancer Clinic

Floor volunteers: Offering breaks to parents, greeting visitors and patients, delivering mail or newspapers

Nurses station: Helping at a nurses station

Clerical-office helper: Helping in the volunteer office or different pediatric departments

Coffee cart: Offering coffee to visitors in the waiting areas

Batson Children’s Hospital volunteers go through an application process and work with the volunteer coordinator to pick a schedule that suits you. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please call (601) 815-8277.

For more information, visit  https://www.ummchealth.com/volunteer/