Get The Tag

Purchasing a Friends of Children’s Hospital license plate is a quick and easy way to help sick kids.  $51 will be added to your normal car tag fee and will go towards supporting programs at Batson Children’s Hospital. You can purchase the tag at your local county tax assessor’s office. If you have a problem getting a Friends of Children’s Hospital tag, please let us know at

Sport Your Favorite Team!

Friends is grateful to also be the recipient of car tag proceeds from two out-of-state universities. If you’re an LSU or Alabama fan, you can support Batson patients when you purchase one of their tags in Mississippi. These specialty tags are $51 above the cost of the normal tag and Friends receives $44 per tag. These out-of-state universities are not eligible to receive the funds from their tags but they can choose who will benefit from the sales—and for their decision to help our sick children, we say thank you. We’re proud to call them Friends and appreciate their commitment to our community and our children.


Thanks for being a friend to the children who need it most!