Kaylen Crayton-6, Canton

Kaylen Crayton (5)

For most families, the month of December is a time of happiness and good cheer, but for Kanetra Jackson and her family, the month was filled with shock and sadness. On what was supposed to be an ordinary December day, Kanetra arrived home to find her daughter, Kaylen, throwing up and feeling light-headed. She rushed Kaylen to Batson Children’s Hospital where doctors determined she had suffered a head injury and performed immediate surgery. “The doctors told us we had a 5-minute window of getting her into surgery otherwise my baby would not be here today,” said Kanetra. Thankfully, Kaylen is now a healthy first grade honor roll student who enjoys computers, gymnastics, and giving back to the hospital that saved her life. Kaylen donates coloring books and crayons to the sick kids at Batson.